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Black Lives Matters and

police abolition Resources

This is a collection of useful links for action and education which I compiled in order to more easily share them on social media. Please check them out and share this link if you like it

"how to help:" this amazing website had every information you need on the protests (where they are, gear, first aid, legal help), where to donate to and all of the petitions you need to sign.
This short article is a great introduction to police abolition, going through the thoughts and considerations involved.

Another look into abolition: Mychal Denzel Smith tells his experience with overpolicing in his neighbouhood and how accountability and punishment of murderous cops is not nearly enough: killings and terrorizing communities need to stop all together.

An interesting interview with Opal Tometi, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter.

Another great interview, this time with Alex Vitale, a Brooklyn College sociology professor, on police defunding and abolition.

Kimberly Jones' powerful speech in full, an absolute must-watch!

This video by Carlos Maza (brilliant and hilarious dude!) talks about how mainstream media frames police violence against protesters. His other videos are amazing, as well as his incredibly insightful Strikethrough series for Vox that is mainly about analyzing mainstream media in America. I highly recommend it!

This one is important: it exposes grave flaws in the popular #8cantwait policy proposal.

"More than Cosmetic Changes: The Challenges of Experiments with Police Demilitarization" this article examines how efforts to reform and demilitarize the police have been ineffective in eliminating police brutality and racism.

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